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BoxOffice 8.0 and 8.12 come with a 1 year warranty on all materials, workmanship and equipment. Some installed equipment may have longer warranties from their respective manufacturers. All warranties¬† are void if BoxOffice is disassembled or moved from its original installation location, or sustains damage not indicative to normal use (see “Limited Liability Clause”).


BoxOffice 8.0 and 8.12 come fully finished inside and out. The exterior includes; graphic Skin (custom skin is an extra cost); all windows and door (with lock set) with paint-matched trim; galvanized metal roof and flashings; base trim. The interior includes; finished interior walls (insulated); sheet vinyl flooring with painted baseboard; acoustic ceiling panels; built-in wood desk; built-in wood base cabinetry with countertop; built-in wood upper cabinetry and shelf unit; interior window and door trim; electrical wiring, boxes and outlets; heater with thermostat; programmable ventilation unit.


BoxOffice 8.0 and 8.12 do not include; any furnishings, supplies or interior decor; Window coverings; Lighting; Upgraded flooring; Flush mount wall speakers or control panel; Digital (keyless) entry lock set (keyed deadbolt lock is included); Real wood siding; Maintenance; repairs and improvements to the structure; Gutters, downspouts, rain water leaders or perimeter drainage; Final interior electrical connections (see “Electrical” section on this page); Electrical cabling from BoxOffice to a power supply; Any data cabling from BoxOffice to source connections; Site preparation work or materials; Site plan drawings, permit/inspection fees, or fines required by local municipal bylaws or building authorities.


The exterior vinyl Skin is guaranteed by 3rd party manufacturer for 7 years. Any physical damage to the surface will void this guarantee and repair/replacement will be at the purchasers expense. All materials shown and quoted will be provided as long as available from 3rd party manufacturers. Should certain materials not be attainable, an equivalent or better substitution will be used. Equipment suppliers may change their product lines slightly over time. Should certain models/brands no longer be available, an equivalent or better substitution will be used.


A significant amount of time and thought has been applied to delivering and installing BoxOffice as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we believe we are the fastest in the industry. However, there may be conditions outside of our control that could delay build time and installation. These include, but are not limited to, inclement weather and 3rd party building materials shortages. While crane deliveries are not restricted to dry weather, high winds may cause a delay in their scheduling.


While BoxOffice is delivered or assembled fully finished, interior electrical wire connections need to be finalized at the delivery location. All interior wiring, outlets, conduit runs, and face plates are included and in place, ready to be hooked up. An electrician will be required to finalize these connections to comply with electrical codes, at the purchaser’s cost. Sourcing power to your BoxOffice can be achieved numerous ways, and an electrician can advise you on the best approach for your specific site, and additional power requirements you may have. The cost of this service/work is not included in the purchase price, as it varies according to site. BoxOffice is not responsible for electrical inspection fees, or any additional work or modifications. Warranties on all electrical equipment are void if it’s determined wiring connections do not meet the electrical code.


BoxOffice is can easily be lifted by crane to a new location. Should you decide to move your BoxOffice after original placement, we cannot accept any responsibility for the integrity, or lack thereof, of the moved structure in its new location. All warranties will be void.


BoxOffice is not responsible for any structural or material failures, damage or deficiencies related to; moving the structure; adding or attaching anything with fasteners or glues; piercing any exterior or interior surface materials (for example screwing, nailing, bolting into walls, floor, ceiling or roof); painting; damage incurred by falling or thrown objects not consistent with the use of BoxOffice; fire or electrical connections; 3rd party equipment including heater, ventilation unit, speakers, lighting, etc.

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