About the Ultimate Work From Home Solution

The creator of BoxOffice has spent the last twenty years designing environments for some of the biggest names in the film and television industry - Marvel, Disney, ABC, Nickelodeon, Netflix, and others. This fast-paced industry breeds innovation and expertise like no other.

In 2020, when the world was hit with a global pandemic, the film industry took a pause. This pause created space for an idea that had been percolating for nearly ten years. A dedicated workspace that could be placed in a backyard. A home office, away from home. As Covid-19 spread and more people were working from home, it was clear the time had come to bring BoxOffice to life.

Meet Rick

An ingenious designer with a creative soul and technical intelligence. He draws from a formal education in Building Design and Technology, and a long career as an Art Director and Production Designer in the Film and Television Industry. Rick brings a unique hybrid of design, vision and leadership to BoxOffice.  He draws on a diverse range of professionals from film set builders, cabinet makers to graphics artists in order to create a high quality, one-of-a-kind product.

Meet BoxOffice

Your home office, away from home. Years of knowledge and experience went into designing every detail of this truly prefabricated, prefinished workspace. The unique component design will have it assembled on site in just a couple of days, or craned into place in minutes. Built to the highest quality, and using a few tricks learned on set, these units are a modern-day work from home solution. Get productively, and be comfortable.

As we grow, we will be able to offer different configurations for a multitude of uses. BoxOffice is just the beginning. We’re rolling!

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