We’re proud to introduce Your Work From Home Solution

Your home office, away from home.

Why BoxOffice?

Quick, customizable, and steps away from your home. No construction site, no building permit*, and fully finished ready to enjoy. A Work From Home solution, made here in BC.

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The quality level of BoxOffice is unmatched by others in the space. They are assembled with fully finished, prefabricated wall panels. This allows for top quality workmanship in a controlled indoor environment, with consistent fit and finish when it shows up at any location. High-end materials have been carefully chosen for aesthetic, comfort, and longevity.

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The prefabrication process uses less material, reused and recyclable materials, and creates less waste than on-site construction. A traditional foundation is not required, so groundwork is minimal, and easily restored to its original state if you decide to move your BoxOffice. Energy-efficiency is part of the design. All the energy needs of BoxOffice are met with less than 15 amps of power.

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Simply Fast

BoxOffice can be delivered by crane, fully finished inside and out. No building permit is necessary, avoiding huge delays. Site preparation is minimal, or may not be required at all. You can get to work the day it arrives! Ideal for areas like the Gulf Islands, where labour is expensive and difficult to secure. No delays typically encountered by contractors & trades.

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Ready to Work

Your BoxOffice comes fully finished, right down to the desk you sit at. The included custom cabinetry offers lots of space for equipment and supplies, and can incorporate the optional built-in lighting package. Acoustic felt ceiling panels add to your comfort. Delivery by crane can allow you to start enjoying your BoxOffice the day that it arrives!

Your home office, away from home.

sized to meet your needs

Two Different Sizes to Choose from:

Free Delivery!

BoxOffice ships from the southwestern part of British Columbia, Canada. Crane delivery within the Lower Mainland of BC is included in the purchase cost (see Contact page for details). Site assembly is currently not available. Contact us for an assessment of your property, or delivery details to other remote areas.

*Local bylaws are always changing. Check yours for details.

Backyard offices in BC

fully customizable

Any Look is Possible. Choose Your Skin.

Unique to the building industry, BoxOffice is wrapped in a printed vinyl “Skin” that acts as its siding. Only your imagination can limit what your BoxOffice can look like. Photo-realistic printing can deliver any look - siding, stucco, stone, corporate branding, or even your children’s artwork! You could also match your BoxOffice look to your house. If you prefer traditional siding, we can do that too.

Green Building Aspects

Low Impact Footprint

No concrete foundation is required. BoxOffice can be removed and land can be easily restored to its original condition. It can be placed on an existing paved or gravel area, with no new disturbances to the land.


Prefabrication in a controlled indoor environment means less construction waste, and a high level of quality control. Innovative panel design and construction maximizes efficiency of material use, and utilizes recyclable materials.

Recycle & Re-use

Recyclable materials are incorporated into the design and construction. BoxOffice can be moved to a different location easily by crane, and enjoyed at a new location. It's the renovation you can take with you! It's also a great option for rental or strata properties.

Energy Efficient

All components have been carefully chosen for low power consumption. The low voltage LED lighting and ventilation unit helps to reduce power consumption. Everything in your BoxOffice can be powered by less than 15 amps of power, and additional power needs are easily met.

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